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Why Maxus is 100% leading change in 100% flexible working

20 OCTOBER 2020

Last week, GroupM Belgium announced in a video that all its agencies are shifting into a more flexible way of working. If you did not watch the movie - starring our GroupM Belgium CEO Gino Baeck in an Oscar worthy performance - yet, we advise you to certainly take a look below!

As a leading change agency, Maxus is certainly aiming for 100% flexibility in working places. Our CEO, Els Thielemans, has been one of the drivers behind this idea because she believes in the empowerment of her team. She is fully convinced that "the people at Maxus have the right judgement and choose a combination of all of those places that works best for the team and themselves.”

We don’t want to perceive flexible working as a binary decision to work from home or work at the office. We rather look at it as a way of creating the most ideal environment to complete your to do’s: in our office in Brussels or Antwerp while collaborating with colleagues, in a 1-to-1 while walking your 10k steps a day, debating about some interests during a lunch break, concentrating on a new strategy at home or in a silence room at the office... The options are endlessly and personally.  


In our opinion, an optimal working environment will bring two main advantages for our company:

Firstly, working where you want can bring more happiness to our team. During the last months, a lot of us discovered the personal advantages of working from home: going for a run in the morning, the ability to pick up your kids from school… On the other hand, we are also very happy to be back at the office because it enhances working together. Not only because it stimulates better ideas and creativity of our squads, but also just because we miss the joy of being together with our colleagues

Secondly, we are convinced that full flexibility in where we work will bring an advantage to our partners. Since we choose the best possible environment for a certain task, we will continue to find the best possible solutions to service our clients and partners during the office hours. Our reachability and productivity will only be affected in a positive way!


Does this still sound a little bit theoretical? No worries, we will show you the way! Maxus is a leading change agency. That is why we will show you some examples - some of them more practical, some of them more funny - of how we are putting flexible working into practice. Follow our socials as from this Thursday (22/10) for our weekly #flexworking testimonial.



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