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13 OCTOBER 2017

Once again Maxus can look back on a very strong year! Powerful ambitions and the arrival of new clients have ensured that the team grew enormously, with also some new leadership challenges. We can proudly announce that Britt Luyten becomes ‘Chief Client Officer’ and Sebastien Reps will take on the role of ‘Head of Digital and Data’. With Els Thielemans as CEO and the advent of Joke De Block as Head of Planning, the daily board of Maxus is headed by a robust millennial management team.

Britt passes the torch to Joke and proceeds her career as Chief Client Officer. She will take on the daily lead of strategy, research and comm’s planning (together with Joke). On top of that she will also be responsible for the further development of strong Client Leadership within Maxus, focusing on proactivity, creativity and leading change for clients.

Sebastien will be leading the Maxus Digital team for each channel and integrate data at the core of everything we do. He will continue to report to Jean-Michel Depasse, Partner Digital at Maxus. GroupM has invested massively in [m]Insights over the last years enabling us to precisely target online behaviours. Clients are now adopting Data Management Platforms at a growing pace, enabling agencies to unleash the power of first party data. This phenomenon creates huge opportunities to combine the strengths of both types of data and truly addresses users in a more relevant and personalised way. Sebastien will integrate this approach into our clients’ strategies and train our teams to go to the next level of data planning.

We won several pitches, therefor Maxus also welcomed a lot of other talents during the past months to strengthen the team: Judith Crispin (Head of Paid Social), Rikkert Van Loo (Strategic Planner), Claudia Charlier (Communication Planner), Claudio Bruno (Communication Planner), Elodie Deguelle (Comm’s Planning support), Kristine Janssen (Digital Specialist), Luis De Waegenaere (Digital Specialist), Claudia Christensen (Video Executive), Florence Hodiamont (Audio/Video Executive) and Anouk Van Campenhout (Audio/Video Executive).

The Maxus team will continue to grow and guide its clients by sharpening its expertise in a very fast moving and complex media world.

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Maxus is a global network of local media agencies with services including communications strategy, media planning and buying, digital marketing, social media strategy, SEO, PPC, direct response media, data analytics, and marketing ROI evaluation. We deliver a planning philosophy called ‘Lead Change Planning’ which is focused on building more profitable relationships between consumers and brands. It combines the disciplines of communications planning and customer relationship marketing with real-time data analytics. Our team, of around 2.000 people across 55 markets worldwide, works for some of the world’s most well-known advertisers, and Maxus has been the fastest growing agency for 5 consecutive years, now. (Source: Recma)



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