New Team Structure

Let's gear up for leading team change in 2019!

07 MARCH 2019

2018 was incredibly amazing for us: great business growth & many new members joined our little Maxus-family. In the meantime, we never stopped striving to service our clients in the best possible way. Being a frontrunner by keeping up with latest novelties in the media-landscape, technologies and team-empowerment is at heart of our DNA. 

For 2019, we are aiming to carry out our ‘mantra’ -Leading Change- beyond our media strategy by making pioneering changes in our team structure.

Bye bye ‘digital planning’. We certainly do not want to suggest that online is dead. However, we want to take our integrated communication vision one step further by eliminating the ‘online planner’. In the past years, our Communication Planners already integrated the total media picture, since they were responsible for both online and offline media strategy. Currently, our next step ensures that media strategy becomes an even more integrated & direct dialogue between overall strategy and in-depth expertise: Communication Planners interact directly with the specialised departments (Programmatic, SEM, Digital reserved, Social, Xaxis, Audio, Video, Print & OOH). In this way, we can eliminate the intermediary business unit between the communication strategy and the specialized digital departments, i.e. digital planning. #Flatstructure #Integratedvision

Consequently, we decided to reinforce these online & offline departments to generate the added value of direct expertise. More direct communication and collaboration with our clients, within Maxus and within an ecosystem is guaranteed. #Directexpertise

Sounds easy on paper, don’t you think?

In fact, we installed some measures to make this work. First, we are using new tools, which enable us to do better project management. Tasks and deadlines are correctly assigned and easy to keep up with (no more internal mails, hallelujah!). Also, we organise weekly stand-up meetings (what’s in a name: 15’ - tackling the obstacles - standing upright - around our kitchen table) to finetune this new way of working.

No doubt about it: we are eager for this change! Agility is key @Maxus, which ensures that we are transitioning smoothly into this new team structure.





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