Our ABC of CSR

Our ABC of CSR

27 MARCH 2019

What does CSR @Maxus mean? We want to talk to you about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Maxus by focussing on its 3 principal letters.

C for Corporate Consciousness
In our job, we are constantly using data & insights to determine audiences, that are built on similarities and discrepancies between the individuals in our society. We are constantly confronted with these differences, but in most of the cases we do not consider the societal impact of being ‘different’. When we approach from a more social perspective instead of reducing society into targets, we put off our blindfolds and admit that we are very lucky. There are a lot of people who had their portion of setback. It was our Chief Client Officer, Britt Luyten, who got to the nub by talking about this at our Maxus day.

S for Social solidarity
Clearly, there is a large gap between consciousness and action. But you can already guess: we showed what #maxusness is really about. Passionate from the heart, we started to unite around CSR and a lot of colleagues showed interest to put words into action. 2019 will be the start (and certainly not the end) of Maxus giving back to society!

A lot of great ideas were pitched within our agency, and we would not restrict ourselves to one idea. Therefore, we decided to organise around two CSR-pillars, each with their own respective Maxus squad team.

We are convinced that many little small things can make a substantive transformation. Therefore, our first squad is shaping various mini CSR-projects. To give you an idea: we are swapping plastic bottles for reusable Maxus bottles, we are putting baskets for stuff we can donate in our office, good deed of the month and -of course- many more great ideas to come...

In our second CSR-pillar, we set up a continued and long-term relationship with a societal organisation who can use our help. All members of our Maxus-family can ‘donate’ a couple of working hours to the chosen charity project. We keep you posted!

R for Responsible Responsiveness
We are pleased to announce that words will be put into action.

The whole team is motivated to take its social responsibility, with tiny steps or very ambitious. And we want to be a motivator for others to do so, and hope that clients and suppliers will follow and support our actions. First example: our BedNet action for the National Pyjama Day; where we persuaded our clients and partners to also wear pyjamas at work (for each of the 53 pyjama team photos, we donated an amount to BedNet).

Let’s continue leading change, also in CSR!





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