Power of the squad

The power of the squad within Maxus

Frontrunning in Agile working

09 NOVEMBER 2020

Our sports team convinced us to never underestimate the power of the squat (as a form of exercise). Taking it a step further, Maxus is strongly convinced that the power of the squad  - agile WoW - can lead change.

In one of our previous articles, we claimed that agility is key at Maxus for #LeadingChange.

The past years, Maxus was already using a flexible Way of Working (WoW), but now we are taking it to the next level. Realising this business concept is certainly encouraging us to work faster, more integrated & innovative; three assets that boost us to lead change as a media agency.

Within the Maxus Squad we work with T-shaped teams possessing both in-depth expertise (vertical part of the T) and a broad range of interests & social skills (horizontal part of the T), which matches perfectly with the Maxus-DNA.

Each squad consists of 3 to 8 various-skilled team members with their own strengths & responsibilities. Next to delivering day-to-day business excellence, squad members proactively test & pitch ideas to respond easily to fast-changing business needs and generate innovation. The squads’ business owner makes sure that the squad is aligned and integrated but empowers its members to showcase their expertise.

This WoW brings a structural difference to all our activities; not only to service our clients. Squads are also used for our internal organisation and in collaboration with partners.

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